September 8, 2015

Close up of a painting e-class

Mermaid Mini online class!

This painting was so much fun to make, I turned it into a mini e-lesson.

Registration now open!

Easy to follow instructions from start to finish.
Lesson is given in real time, just a few parts are speed-up, for practical reasons, but for the most part you see  what happens while I paint, and you can make a beautiful mermaid even if you do not have much experience painting.

What is this class about?
 This mini online class is only one project, unlike my other classes, but I have included some extras just to make it more fun.
Play with texture, collage, drawing, and different kinds of paints.

How long is this mini class?
It is over 1 hour (edited) workshop. In real time is it longer because of the waiting periods of some steps.  You have access to it for a long time... at least a year. And can watch it as many times a s you want! ♥

What do I need?
-Fast internet connection.
>-Acrylic paint, mediums and brushes.
-Assorted templates and patterned paper.
The full list of materials will be given after joining the class.

 And of course I have samples and freebies! Join my youtube channel for fun  tutorials and demos.
Because of the nature of online classes and workshops, no refunds after the class has started.

$25.00 USD for this and next month!

To purchase: Click on BuyNow button.
 Email me  HERE  to let me know you purchased the class.
Sometimes paypal takes a while to send me a note.
And check your junk/spam folder in case my email lands there! You will be getting 2 emails from me ♥

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