September 8, 2015

Close up of a painting e-class

2 Mermaid online class & Art journal spread!

Two lessons in one! A canvas painting, and a journal spread! These paintings were so much fun to make, I know you will enjoy them too. You can paint a face even with no experience at all.

Self-paced lessons, easy to follow!

Easy to follow instructions from start to finish.
Lesson is given in real time, just a few parts are speed-up, for practical reasons, but for the most part you see  what happens while I paint, and you can make a beautiful mermaid even if you do not have much experience painting.

What is class one about?
 This online painting class is only one project, unlike my other classes, but I have included some extras just to make it more fun.
Play with texture, collage, drawing, and different kinds of paints.
What is class two about?
The second classis a 4 page journal spread where you will learn not only to paint a cute mermaid but also to make bubbles the easy way!

These lessons are hours long but divided in parts so you can take brakes. You have access to this material for a long time, at least a year. And can watch it as many times a s you want! ♥

This lesson is a 4 page spread ♥

What do I need?
-Fast internet connection.
-Acrylic paint, mediums and brushes.
-Assorted templates and patterned paper.
The full list of materials will be given after joining the class.

 And of course I have samples and freebies! Join my youtube channel for fun  tutorials and demos.
Because of the nature of online classes and workshops, no refunds after the class has started.

$45.00 USD

To purchase: Click on BuyNow button.
 Email me  HERE  to let me know you purchased the class.
Sometimes paypal takes a while to send me a note.
And check your junk/spam folder in case my email lands there! You will be getting 2 emails from me ♥

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