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When you take classes locally at your art/craft/hobby store there is no "play back again" as much as you want... And in some places there is no local art place to go! My prices are very affordable and have tons of extra tips not just for the project in the video ♥

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Online classes are fun, and you can watch over and over!

All open for self-pace but you still get to contact me for any questions.

Mermaids Class!       

Two lessons: One canvas painting lesson AND an art journal 4 page spread! Plus extra videos.

Prepare a canvas and create a beautiful mermaid. Easy to follow, detailed instructions. Hours of video lesson divided in segments.
*All levels of experience

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Party Hat Class!
Work on painting the face, hands, different backgrounds layers. Intermediate level.

Based on techniques and mediums.

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*Basic Face Class is a self-paced online class for beginners who wish to learn how to draw a face, and people that would like to learn to make their own style.
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I am currently working on bringing Basic Face part II, the addition of color to those projects we worked on the original class.


* Overhaul it Class An Art class for people that know the basics, but would like to learn more.  Try these 4 projects full of textures and color that can help you save discarded art piece, or just start from scratch.

Hours of painting fun! Lots of techniques, texture and ideas.

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* Fairy Queen  Learn how to sculpt a face with clay, make a dress and create your own Art Doll from simple easy to find materials.

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This is a beginners class where you will make an ArtDoll  masterpiece. It was published in Art Doll Quarterly Magazine

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 And of course I have samples and freebees! Join my youtube channel
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The Mixed Media Play Date (MMPD)
Lessons organized by Tiare from ClassyGirl! A full year of art starting this coming January....
So. Much. Fun!! Starting 2019
Our theme is A Year of Playful Gratitude to mix and enjoy all the goodness of art and positive feelings of being Thankful ♥

"Living a life of gratitude brings abundance, appreciation and tiny miracles to your life." 

Let’s bring that to our hearts and our Art Table in 2019!
 The digital Studio can be found HERE
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A few comments from people
that have taken my classes:

   "What great videos I especially liked the hand one
" Lorraine

     "Thank you for this lesson.  I discovered a few new techniques" Tania C

     "Thank you for the lesson on hands!!!  I learned a lot from that!!!!!!" Lisa P

     "I just finished your course and loved the intensity of color you use on faces.  i love the face above for exactly that reason.  it feels like you are there for so many people! i loved your generousity on the video. you seem so kind and giving!"   Samara N

   "So much fun to watch you painting and it is very easy to follow" Jen  G

    "I loved your workshop. I loved the way you teach - the way you showed all the details. How to draw the eyes etc. I also loved that you showed the differences between the young face and the old face, and how to draw a man. I have taken some classes before in how to draw faces, but I really learned something new from your class."   Anne K

    "Your work is totally lovely! Thanks so much for sharing your techniques with the world!!"
Deborah C

    "Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can finally draw a face! I am so happy! T.H.

    "Thank you so much for this fun class. So many new things to try." TC

    "I have pages in my art journals that have been abandoned due to art-gone-bad.  It was SUCH a relief to rework this two-page spread! I LOVE IT!! THANK YOU! I am off to re-work other pieces that make me feel bad!"  Robyn C

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  1. Hello Martha, I look forward to a fun time taking the Party Hat Class.


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