February 8, 2008

Options and more options

People like having options and life is about changes.
The problem is when someone shoves a change you don't need/want in your face and you have to deal suddenly with unplanned options.
What am I talking about? ;o)
Exactly. ebay and their crazy changes!

So my dearest 3 readers, today I'll post about some of the options out there.
It's like fixing a date for your creations. The current date slaps you in the face when you are not looking, so even when it's nice looking, deserves to sit in the timeout chair for a good while.
The other dates are the overlooked: too short, too skinny, too quiet... but now tons of people are visiting them so let's keep an eye open. And run. lol

* Bidville
* ecrater
* iOffer
* ola
* uBid

Amazon and Etsy are not auction sites though they are great options.

There are more places but there's just so much reading one can do, before the eyes start to bug out.
I personally will try with ola and keep my fingers crossed.
No, I don't plan to evacuate and never come back. I have met so many wonderful people on feebay, many of them good friends. But...
People like having options and life is about changes! :oD

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