October 14, 2020

Best 3 Ways to Blend Acrylic Paint For Beginners

Best 3 Ways to Blend Acrylic Paint For Beginners! If you are trying to learn the best way to blend acrylic paint for beginners, check out this video on how to blend acrylic paint, where I am showing how to blend acrylic paint on paper, It is Easy to blend acrylic paint like oil! Don't stress while creating your acrylic paint backgrounds, seriously, acrylic paint blending is Fun and Easy with this ,acrylic paint blending techniques! I love these acrylic paint blending tips, I use them all the time to make acrylic paint gradients Let me know if you like this paint lesson, I am creating abstract acrylic paintings for now.

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Watch here

October 1, 2020

New Art class! Junk Journal and Gratitude

Happy first of the month!💖 I hope October will bring health, beauty and wonderful feelings happiness to you.

I have exciting news  about a new online class! All the instructors are amazing! I personally can't wait to see their lessons! Click the image or here to check it out:  https://bit.ly/306YcuQ

Grab the Early Bird Special with the code JOY2020 at the checkout for 20% off! 😍
We are going to be working on 12 projects on our journals. It can be a fresh one, or one you have not finished. Must enter JOY2020 at checkout to get the discount.

This is the perfect opportunity to be creative, write down some positive thoughts, and practice some new journal page ideas. Sketchbooks welcome! Time to create! ♥

August 10, 2020

Gel Prints using Acrylic Paint Dos and Don'ts

Are you into Gelli printing? This is a fun video series about gel printing plate, known as monoprinting, and with cool monoprinting techniques.
I love monoprinting printmaking, because print making is a lot of fun with a gelatin printing plate.
You can make your own, or buy one already made.
In these gel plate printing techniques I use acrylic paints. It can be done in a gelpress or gelliart mono printing. The printing tutorial is going to be in a series of videos so don't miss any!
It is great for background papers, image layers, color and texture, so don't miss this tutorial on how to use gel plate and ideas to use gel plate.
Click the image or HERE to watch the playlist and binge on gel printing! 😁

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August 3, 2020

How to draw the female face (free art class)

I have been creating free lessons for beginners. This one is How to draw the female face with
water soluble pencil. 
It is divided in segments and here is the PLAYLIST

The steps are as follow:
How to make an eye, easy and fun.
How to make "the other eye" because sometimes it's so hard to have them match.
How to draw a nose.  How to draw a mouth, with several examples. 
How to draw easy hair.

Do you have questions? Comments? Just post it here ♥

March 27, 2020

How to fill your sketchbook - Japanese sea creature

Hey! How are you doing? With all this social distancing, what better way to spend the time than art?
I Have a video HERE and the page to download too:

Let me know if you like posts like this, appreciate the feedback!

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February 1, 2020

How to Paint a Face with Acrylics!

In this video I show you an Easy portrait painting tutorial for beginners about how to paint a face with acrylics!
Even if you are a beginner, or if you are afraid of acrylics, this 29 faces challenge gives you the opportunity to play and practice and this video will help you start:
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December 31, 2019

Happy 2020!

May the next year and decade be the best yet to come!

My special word for the next year is Grow. 🌱
I want to keep growing as a person, as wife, as a mom, and as an artist. I am the forever student and need to feed my brain for more art, more information in many areas....
Do you have a word of the year? Let me know! ♥

And if you want to join me in the #29faces challenge, remember it is a few weeks away in
February 👈😁

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October 1, 2019

Gratitude Junk Journal class!

Did you enjoy the 29 faces challenge? Did you keep up? I hope you had lots of fun!
For this coming month I am participating in an awesome project teaching an art lesson in the Gratitude Junk Journal 2019 organized by Tiare from Classygirl
I am SO happy about this!

If you like journaling, and junk journals... Click here to learn more about it and purchase at the early bird price! ♥  https://bit.ly/2nivKpp
wooOOOO HooOOOOO!!!😍😄😙

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September 5, 2019

29 faces challenge started!

This is my first face for the #29faceschallenge and I made a video, what do you think? What are You creating this month?
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Watch the video HERE ...let me know what you think, and Subscribe to see more artsy videos ♥

If you like prompts, download my Free PDF HERE
Keep your paintbrush wet!

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July 23, 2019

Paint a face with acrylics and collage art

This month I invited the 29 faces group and the iLove2paint group to paint Frida inspired art.
I am using acrylics and some collage paper made with gelli prints, it is colorful and easy!

Watch here: https://youtu.be/91iZ2Ivcsdo

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