March 22, 2021

Awesome Art Foamies Stamps! Colorful Tutorial & Techniques

I love totally creating art with stamps! I was invited by the Art Foamies to create a project iwht some of their designs and the #ArtFoamies are simply wonderful!
These I'm using in this art video are from Sandra Evertson and from Gina Ahrens.

The steps are easy and I enjoyed every single part of the art process:
I worked on a large journal page but it can definitely be done on a canvas.

First step, Gesso the surface and paint a background with your favorite colors, I selected sky blue.
[Pic 1]

I made a template of the silhouette I wanted to use for a mask to avoid stamping in some areas:
[Pic 2]

With the botanical design I stamped in the background with different colors to give the background depth and interest: [Pic 3]

The heart Foamie was stamped on a colorful paper to collage it separately: [Pic 4]

With a tissue paper, or deli paper, you can create a new design pattern paper to add as well in your composition. [Pic 5] - [Pic 6]

Click here to watch the free video HERE
[Pic 7]

The details of the face will be posted next!
If you want me to see your work, tag me in instagram @AyalaArt

Have fun stamping!

March 21, 2021

Painting Daffodil flowers with acrylics

Daffodils are known by different names in different places, like Lent lilies, Easter rose, Hen and Chickens, and to some means bad luck, or good fortune, depends on who you ask.

Come and watch this video HERE where I am painting Daffodils with acrylic paint, and in case you have trouble drawing, don't let that stop you, download my design and have fun.

Just a note, it is for your personal use and not for mass printing. ♥

March 20, 2021

Painting abstract flowers in acrylic paint (Art journal ideas)

For those that love painting flowers, or wish they could... don't be afraid! And don't think that the only way to paint is Realistic because Abstract, Folk or Figurative styles are a lot of fun!

For practice and for the actual joy of painting in paper, I recommend to use your Art Journal it is so much fun, then you see all the colorful pages.
If you are a beginner artist, this is an Easy way to create and practice painting Botanical Art ♥

💮 💮 💮

Watch video HERE

If you want me to see your work tag me in instagram @AyalaArt 😘

March 18, 2021

Whimsical Mixed Media Portrait and acrylic paint

In this Whimsical Mixed Media Portrait in Art #JournaPageIdeas tutorial, I am adding shadowing to a cute face with crayons! These crayons are awesome! If you like mixed media portraits and mixed media art tutorials, enjoy this art journaling video! This art journal process is fun and relaxing.
I hope you had a great week!

Watch HERE 😁

Happy birthday Paint Party Friday!

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March 1, 2021

Self portrait in Acrylic - Painting faces Modigliani style

This past February, painting for the 29 faces was an extra challenge. In my personal life I had 3 family members passing away. Not due to covd but the pandemic made things worse.

We drove to TX with the hope to see people -properly social distancing and all -  but we ended stranded in a hotel, the roads closed due to ice, bunch of unexpected snow and all kinds of chaos. 
We were ok even if we had very limited food, but many friends and family ended up with no electricity, no water and many other problems.
At the end we didn't see anyone, we had to just turn back and drive west.

My feelings and thoughts have been up and down and all I can say is...

It is totally true that art heals when needed. It helps your mental health. Sometimes it helps more, sometimes less, sometimes it takes a while to kick in, the healing while making art, but sending our hands and heart to work on creating, keeps the mind from going in that other circle that might take a while to heal. 

Plus, art helps You and also brings a smile to Another far away person that sees it. 😊
I know for myself, looking at all the faces people created this month, felt very good.

This is what I managed to create. Click HERE to watch this video

and HERE to see this other video:

Much love to you ♥

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February 8, 2021

Art videos at the Cutout and Keep!

Hey, Cat Morley from "Cut out and keep" is posting this week several of my videos! Visit the site and enjoy all the goodies she has for you!

A new video will be posted every day of the week, it will be fun!

January 26, 2021

29 Faces February 2021

Heeeyyy! The fun 29 faces challenge is starting in a few days! February 1st
Here is the blog button, you can post it wherever you like! 

For the FAQ please direct the link to the 29 faces blog:

I hope you join us! you can post your work in any social network and link yourself to the rest of artist by using the hashtag #29faces 

What type of faces are you going to create this time? Let me know in the comments! 💓

January 23, 2021

Paint like Modigliani with acrylic paints

If you like to Paint like Amedeo Modigliani, you can see how I tried recreating a Jeanne Hebuterne paint like Amadeo Modigliani, HERE
Leave me a comment here in the blog or in the channel telling me what you think ♥ I love different acrylic painting techniques, what do you think of the results of my efforts? 😊.

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January 6, 2021

Unboxing new acrylic paint! From the Hippie Crafter

I received a box of acrylics from the brand Hippie Crafter and it was so much for to unbox it and make swatches! Come and see!

Click HERE to watch 

December 18, 2020

Paint Angels with Collage Art!

Paint Angels with Collage Art! Mixed Media fun! Super easy angels with collage paper! Paper craft in an art journal page!

Welcome to our last fun collaboration for 4 artists – 4 seasons. We had a lot of fun with this collaboration, but now it is time for something new. So enjoy this hop, and hopefully we see you next year over at
#Letusstartwithart, a monthly Videohop with even more creators.
So hop now to the next contributor, when you are back on my channel you have completed the hop ♥

This is the finished page on my journal with the collage angels and a bit of glitter
Watch the video HERE
#Acrylicpainting tutorials for beginners! #StepByStepPainting tips, Art Journals, Crafts, Art Dolls...

🌎 Painting art, illustration collage, in this how to holiday hop, art journal mixed media collaboration ♥ Make #29faces with me! Join me in February and September for the 29 faces challenge I organize since 2012.
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Here is the pattern for your personal use. Let me know how you like it!

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