September 8, 2008

Little by little

Several things have happened in the past days:
I am not a politically inclined person but.... Alaska Gov. Palin was introduced as a vicepresident for the Republican party (I like her a lot). Casey Anthony went out... then in... then out again from jail and she's not telling where her little girl is (if you don't know who she is go HERE, Oh, and Sen. Obama said he visited 57 states of our country.
Geee I thought only my town was growing!

And in our little local news, my eye is getting better. :o)

Hey guys, couple of weeks ago I sent out the YBA "chat and win" surprise to each winner and It was really nice for me to see how much each member like what I sent.
I had a lot of fun shipping as well. I love ACEOs and I love to surprise people.

And the little fairies I'm working on? Well, little by little they are getting done. At this point they have their tull undergarments on.
Look at the picture, she knows she's pretty!

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