February 26, 2009

Before February is gone...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Groundhog day, Valentine's day, President's day, Mardi Gras, and why not, Ash Wednesday as well...

Updates, OK, The video I talked so much about some postings ago went great. We got an A+! yaay! I have to shorten it a bit to unload it here, it's too big so "whenever if ever" I will upload and post. It is actually a very funny video, and it is educative as well, since it had ti be based on the Odyssey.

Now as for dolls.... I have been finishing all the half-finished projects, so the poor things can be done.
Remember the one picture with several DOLLY heads? I just finished the smallest of them, and if I may say so myself, she turned out pretty cute. I made her hat with leather and a tiny bell so she can be seen and heard ;o) Just 3.5 inches tall, hat and all.


  1. I love this Doll Martha! Do you still have her? Hugs Cat

  2. gracias por visitar mi blog y por avisarme del tagabierto. Lo he comprobado pero se ve bien...no sé que habrá ocurrido.
    Me encanta el trabajo con muñecas. Muy bonita esta chiquitina. Saludos desde España


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