June 12, 2009

New ADO video, and newblog look

I will start by my blog's new look, tho it was the last thing I did... and by accident! I wanted to add and remove some page elements (to the left menu) and puff! I deleted one thing which contained my backround! I panicked and couldn't replace it... waaAA! So anyway, I went back and started from scratch, ended up with a new look. Hope you all like it! It is bright and whimsical isn't it?? :oD

Now the news: I finished the second ADO video; please take a look and let me know what you think. Vote in the video and if you want to see more, just subscribe to my channel in youtube.

I will be participating in the ADO ELEMENTS Challenge with my tiny elves :oD

On a personal note I have to say: Life is easier with a dishwasher... Yard work sucks when it's too hot.... Weeds should automatically disappear on eye-contact.... and slugs are hideous little critters! :oP
Ta-ta for now!


  1. Anonymous14 June, 2009

    Hi how are you?
    I was looking through your blog and found it interesting and wanted to leave you a comment.

    I hope you will visit my art blog, and become friendly.
    Hope to hear from you soon,
    Jesse Noe


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