January 6, 2010

Wisemen cake, or the 3 Kings cake

One of the traditions I liked the most growing up, was having the traditional Rosca de Reyes, (King's cake) celebrated on the 6t of January. (Not to mention the toy in my shoes!)
It is a mildly sweet bread, with crystallized fruit on top and a hidden plastic baby Jesus. I guess there's many different recipes for it, so you have to check what's in there to see if you're going to like it.
We have moved to many cities so every time was a new experience.
Some time ago we bought one that looked nice, but tasted like paper and baguette bread LoL Other times we just don't buy any because they look pitiful or kind of burnt, or dried out.... pretty much kills the craving for cake LoL

Oh! I found a blog dedicated to cake wrecks and I wanted to share:
CAKE WRECKS ...so funny!!

I guess the solution would be for me to learn to make one, but I rather buy one and help the bakers economy. You have not heard of them getting any bailouts have you? :oP Not to mention I don't want to end up in that blog as a cake wrecker! LoL

So here's a slice for you: (oh! you got the hidden baby! lucky you!)

And this is what I see in my kitchen window to make winter go by easier: beautiful azaleas! This is the first time they make it, but I don't dare to plant them outside. 3 have dried up back there already, the air is just too hot in the summer.

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  1. I love those azaleas. I have never made that cake, "Rosca de Reyes." I remember hearing about putting a plastic item in the cake. How fun. It looks pretty good. Oh I have to check out that blog. Thanks for sharing. Have a great Thursday.


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