September 22, 2010

Just a quick note, sort of...

I have been drawing and painting. I also have been playing in my mind with the idea of another Etsy shop that will hold all the other smaller unrelated things I like doing, but I have seen advise in why not to do it and why to do it... confusing! At the end, I decided to open it, I'll post the address when there's actually something listed there ;o)

Oh! I also have been clicking around my kitchen, trying to capture something fabulous and exotic for Gary's challenge, but frankly, my kitchen is a weird place, mostly undiscovered and unpopulated LoL

I used to paint there until we changed the rectangular table to a round table that I simply don't like for painting. I need corners to have all my stuff! Since it has very nice light I usually would end up with a canvas on the counter but... I have not been painting on a larger canvas for a long time... and although I cook every day, I am not in love with cooking, so I prepare the things, set the timer and walk from it till it's done. Not to mention that we are in the process of giving the poor stove an intense face lift, as one of the burners ended up completely discombobulated (No, it wasn't my cooking!) :oP
I think however, that I might have something for the challenge, reflecting light on the sink... I'll post it in the next one.

For now I'll show you a bit of what I have still in paper: One happy dreamy girl, and one sad and crying...

If you are seeing this from Ning and want to visit the blog click on the post title and it will bring you to the blog. I just discovered that :oP
Hasta la vista, baby!


  1. Hey Martha, good luck on the new store! I hope it doesn't get to be too much! I can't wait to see it! The new aceo's look beautiful, as always!!! Can't wait till they are done!


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