December 3, 2010

My art hangs here...

I am dancing in the clouds.... It is with great pleasure that I show this links to the Art Show in Moss, Norway. I am lucky to be part of it with 2 Frida art cards that were mailed to help get funds for books in their Library.
David Samdum had this great idea of making the first Twitter and Art International show and has done so much work to put all of this together!
I blurred the other art but click on each pic to see the walls as it is displayed. .

One already sold in the first day! :oD I wish I was there... cold, snow and all!


  1. AHH that´s why i love the world wide web.
    There are so many possibilities.
    This is a great idea, so wonderful you could join he other side of on tthis exhibit the world.
    Have a great weekend

  2. Just dropped by to say Congratulations. I am so glad you are happy and are in the exhibition. Excitement, fun and Joy to you.

  3. Congrats Martha. What a great feeling it must be to have your work on the other side of the world.:)) Have a great Sunday.

  4. Martha, I think this is fantastic!! Please, if anything happens like this again, for any part of the world, let me know ;o) I would love to help out!

  5. This is fantastic news!! How thrilling that must be!! Congratulations.

  6. Contrats Martha! Way cool. (er...cold.)


  7. Many Thanks!! :oD
    Stacy, yes I will!


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