July 21, 2011

Cleaning, reorganizing (again!) and letting go

You would think that by having the kids (and their errands) out of school, one would have more time to do art. But is not the case. Never is. My schedule (and household) is messed up, crazy and upside down. I know I am not the only one so guess find comfort in numbers right?  I like to box, to put behind doors and inside drawers etc all the stuff in neat little groups.
Well, everything is poured everywhere. 3 people against me LOL (I won't even mention the pets. They are a whole other post altogether....)

So, in my effort to be able to control chaos and claim back some territory, have been reorganizing at least MY stuff. Well, I already went through their closets to donate all the clothing and gadgets they are not able or willing to use again. ☺

Now, slowly, I am listing crafty goodies HERE starting all at 99 cents. Call it separation anxiety, but I just can't go and take artsy/craftsy items in a box to be left abandoned at the donation center. I have to see that it goes to someone that really wants it and ship it to them. ♥

You can expect to see paper goods, cloth, yarn, polymer, wood, even fur and feathers! Heck I'm ready to put the dog and the cat there too LOL
I will list older work as well, so keep an eye and wish me luck!

Last night we were still at 93F / 33C hot weather at 9 PM, goodness gracious. How's your summer going so far?


  1. Hey Martha, good for you, going through things and tidying up! It's a cleansing! I love doing it! It's been so hot here today! We are hitting records! 45!! Hot stuff! Take Care and Good Luck!!!!

  2. We have reached that during the day! Does it get any better at night? I hope so! Otherwise we all will turn into pizzas :oP

  3. Our summer had it´s climax in spring and now it is quiet cool and rainy, but never the less, a nice pear is allways right.
    By the way, I love that Frida- painting.
    Have a great weekend

  4. Cool and rainy sounds nice today heheeh Thanks Janine!

  5. Hello! Nice blog!I know what you mean about thinking summer will give you more time for art and then instead other stuff happens! THanks for visiting my blog, I love your artwork.HAVE a GREAT day!

  6. That's a great idea! I hate to just give things away sometimes too. Nice painting!

  7. Good for you Martha! I need to do this myself but I am too busy checking out all the goodies others are passing on, LOL! We had a little break in the heat & humidity here in NY, but it is supposed to return on Thursday!

  8. Well done Martha, I keep throwing stuff under the stairs in the closet (It's OK Harry Potter left), we seem to live in revolving chaos & mess, & I never seem to get it fully organised whenever I am game enough to tackle it... just throw a bit more under the stairs (it's geting quite compacted)!

  9. Thanks girls!
    Shelle, my problem is that I do not have stairs! lol


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