March 11, 2013

What can I say?

Wow... I can't believe so many days have past from my last post! I have been painting a little, but I have not been posting.
I went to visit all the blogs in the29 faces Linky.... it was a big job, but so wonderful and enjoyable!
I invite everyone to do the same, HERE .

We went out over the weekend but forgot my camera, so not even a little image to show of out drive and the sunny day. According to the weather forecast, we will be reaching 90 by Thursday.... too early for that heat! But then again, when is the weather forecast right? :oD

I am working on this journal page. I know there is a face in there, I just need to sit and paint it ♥


  1. Hope you enjoy your weather.
    What a pretty background.

  2. There is some amazing work in the 29 faces and definately worth looking at!! I love the colour and the stamp you have used on your journal background

  3. I see the face ;o) Great background ;o)


I ♥ all your comments! ~
. .Keep your paintbrush wet!