May 26, 2013

Save a dead paint brush!

Have you ever had a busy painting day, too many things in your head that you forget completely to clean your favorite painting brush...? just to discovered it all ruined and stiff the next morning (aaaghhh!!)
Well, here is a tip to save a damaged paint brush from the trash can!

Acrylic paint or medium can make the bristles hard and ruin a good brush.

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Take the paint brush into undiluted alcohol in a container. Leave it for a few minutes; stir and tap it repeatedly;  check constantly to see when it gets soft again:

It will start getting soft as the alcohol dissolves the medium or paint:

Repeat, stir and tap against the conteiner as needed. It will be soft and usable again!

Once you are satisfied with its softness, wash the brush with soap and water so the alcohol is not in there anymore. Store upright preferably.

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  1. Thanks for the tip, many of mine ave been tossed as a lost cause, no more lost brushes for me!
    Hugs Marilou

  2. Thanks for this tip. It wil save a few brushes over here.
    Liefs, Melanie

  3. You know I have been painting for years and years and I never thought about saving brushes like this! Thaks for the tip!

  4. Cool, thanks Martha! Never knew this!!!

  5. Wow, who knew? This is so great because I've been using an expensive oily kind of brush cleaner. Thanks!

  6. I needed this! My studio is full of dead brushes.... the minute I finish something I go on to the next and forget to clean them. Thank you!


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