November 15, 2013

Blog's look and Giveaway

Every once in a while I get the bug of changing stuff around. Today was the blog's turn.
I love color, but sometimes it overwhelms me :oP So for now I'm back to all white. I will let the art be the color on the blank background.
I feel like removing half the buttons and junk from theside bar, but I do like that stuff lol
So maybe I will stick in in another side or something.....

For now, I want to celebrate that there are 677 blog friends! yaay!
And also my class "Overhaul, Prettify and Love it" is ready to go, after so many months of work, fights with the video editor and long brakes in between, it is finally done and I think it is fantastic, if I may shamelessly say so myself  (✿◠‿◠)

After thinking it over, I decided not to have the class "live"  once a week.... but rather self-paced that way it is less effort to keep up, and more instant gratification for the members taking it. It can be taken in little parts, large parts or one huge art marathon!

Registrations start now, more info HERE and the Buy button is in the side bar.

Giveaway time!!
To celebrate the "almost 700" blog friends, and my new class!
 I will be giving away:
* One class spot for the 1st place, 
* One 4x4 art card for the 2nd winner

Everybody from ANY place in the world can play! 

What do you have to do?
Get the button on my left Side Bar.... post it in your blog, Leave a comment here! 

Also tweet about it, or post it in your facebook wall, or Pinterest etc... any other network you like! Just come back and post what you did, for an extra entry ♥ You can follow the blog if you are not doing so yet ;o)
If the winner happens to have purchased the class, I will reimburse the money so it is still a gift! :oD

Class Signing up and Giveaway start right now, and the 2 winners will be selected on the 25th of November, just in time to be extra thankful in Thanksgiving  ( -''- )
*If I can't find the winner in a week, another winner will be selected!

So, don't wait any longer, leave a comment and grab that button! 
 ---Or, let me know if you are only dropping by saying "hello"


  1. Congrats on 700 members! I just happened to be at The Trodden Path looking at classes which lead me this giveaway. I don't have a blog, not sure how to post at button on a facebook page, however I will sign up here! Shalom

    1. Oh, Thanks! it is "almost 700" hehehe
      I will add a post to share in FB for those that prefer that way.

  2. Done Ayala!! Thank you for the opportunity to win a place in your class! ;).

  3. WHooo hooo...Thanks for the opportunity!
    Looks fantabulous !!!
    Cheers ;-)

  4. Your blog looks great Martha! 677, yepeeee!!!

  5. I think your work is awesome and would love to win a spot. Now that I'm back in the wheelchair I don't get the opportunity to get out and do classes in my neighborhood any longer so I look forward to online classes.. Being on Social Security now it's hard to budget for them so I would love love a spot in the class..

    1. Did you see the note I left in your blog? You won the 4x4 :o) I need your info to mail it to you ♥

  6. Yay Ayala! What a wonderful giveaway. I posted on Facebook, my blog, tweeted it, and Pinned it. Good Luck everyone.

  7. I forgot, I joined as a member. I thought I have been already for sometime, but I know for sure I am now. lol

  8. Congrats on your new class! It's a great idea.

  9. congats on your huge accomplishment! As I am making a conscious decision to return to my much lived blog and art after an absence most of the year I shall check all the info out! love your work!
    cheers, dana

  10. Love the new look and thanks for the opportunity to win a spot :)

  11. I have shared the information on Facebook too :)

  12. That's a very nice giveaway!! Thanks for the chance!

    Hugs Giggles

  13. Woohoo, so many blogfriends! Congratulations! And that looks like a very interesting class ..

  14. Congratulations on your nearly 700 followers, my friend!

  15. Congratulations on your new look, new e-course and new record number of members!


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