June 26, 2014

Finding images on google

I made this sign yesterday because so many artists have gone through the same problem of finding their art used in a way not intended: (Feel free to re post it and/or use this image and talk about your own story if you have had a problem too).

In my case I have seen my images posted without letting me know, sometimes with a credit back, or asked me to use them but also used as a very badly done tote bag, yes, many years ago.
In the case of my buddy Lulu Pink Turtle, her art was copied to make even cookies! Sure, it takes a lot of work to make beautiful cokies BUT can't they come up with their own ideas??

The typical excuse is that "they found the image on google" Well, the internet is an excellent tool but it is not a bag of chips to just go grab one  (╯°~°)╯  lol

It is there because either the author put it there or someone else did, hopefully respecting the copyright. Sites like Pinterest make it impossible to keep your work in your own site, even if you remove it, they still keep a copy.
I always recommend to watermark, not just to give them a hard time to copy (lets face it, if someone wants to copy an image, there are tons of tools to do so, sadly) but also to show your information in the image so people can find you if they want to see more of your work.

Share the message, add a friendly note in your blog or site, links about copyright, angel policy and hopefully more and more people with understand that it is not nice to use without permission and profit with the images that someone else created.

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  1. Great post Martha! A tote bag?? People!!! Grrrrr!!!
    Big Hugs ;o)

    1. Yup. An old lady in FL. An she stitched beads to it too. But she was friendly and had no clue it was wrong to do that and try to sell them in ebay :oP

  2. Wow! Glad you found out about it!


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