November 23, 2014

Random stuff

I have been busy with house things, painting another piece of furniture: a headboard for the bed... a bed that we bought a month and 5 days ago, which has been a problem since delivery. They offered us to customize the mattress, then when it was not done right, they told us they could fix it for 100.00 more... huh? ... and still didn't get it right! And guess what? No refunds in custom orders. What a headache. We are still trying to sort that out, the owner is a horrid person.
But, whenever it is solved, we will have a very nice headboard for it. :oP

I also have been painting a lot, making videos, preparing for a new class next year in SoulFood group, and also making more online classes to purchase from my blog.

  My DH and I have been going for nice longer walks now that the weather is not hot. I always forget to take a camera to take pics of the leaves...

  I clipped the shrubs and my flowers and brought inside some bougainvillea branches. The flowers are a gorgeous pink/purple color that I love.
 The roses still will be blooming for another month. the heat was so heavy in all the poor plants, they just now are coming alive. If I get a calla lillie I will rush to take a picture. Usually that one only flowers in the spring, but it is looking very happy at the moment, so maybe it will show me one ♥

Thanks for visiting!  More art coming soon (°‿~ )

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  1. Gorgeous photo Martha ;o) So happy it's cooling down for you ;o) I hope the headboard for the bed, gets all sorted out! Hugs ;o)


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