June 12, 2015

SOC first week

I have never been so good at working with a limited palette. I love using tons of colors even if it is only a hidden drop. So Summer of Color really represents a challenge for me.
This is the page I made in my journal based on "2 blues and a green" which was the prop of this 1st week:


 I had to make a face, you know? So she ended up looking like a reject from Avatar or a never shown (for a good reason!) work from Picasso in his Blue period... kind of lol

But... I made a video nonetheless! \(͡๏‿๏)/

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  1. I love your Picasso blue period. I also have done a blue period at one time or another, as well as a pink period, tee hee. Hi Martha, I like your piece, always well done. Sorry your mushrooms didn't make it, but don't throw them away, soak it for 24 hours and try again. Have a wonderful HOT weekend. tee hee.

  2. Reminds me of a mermaid!

  3. I always like faces with weird colours :-)

    1. I thought of you and your class when I was painting! :oD

  4. She has a lost lonely look so blue green is a good colour for her.

  5. She is sweet and vulnerable... I love the colours... but I am a colour freak...

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Hi kindred, so super beautiful and enchanting! how I love your vid...creative and gorgeous!! you always inspire and uplift!
    HUgs and sparkles

  7. Your little mermaid is beautiful Martha and I always love to see you painting! Thank you for showing!
    Great take on the SOC colors!
    oxo Susi


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