August 1, 2015

Video collaborations!

Hey guys! I have been doing video-collabs, as you have seen here in my blog and in my youtube channel

And after getting a few questions about how it works, I want to explain it in this post and invite creatives with a channel to collaborate with me (*and by that I mean single media like oil, acrylic or watercolor,  or mixed media painters and maybe polymer clay, but not digital art, card or paper art etc.... since I am focusing in painting only for now).

The most important part of this is timing and being punctual.

 My collabs are a team of 2 people with a youtube channel.
These are the steps: Please read all ♥

*We contact each other in private, exchange addresses, agree on size, calendar date to schedule and a theme if any.

*We make a video of our own starting piece, where each person does as much or as little as wanted to the starting piece.

*Video gets edited, uploaded and linked to the other channel.

*The piece is mailed to the other person (mine to you, yours to me).

*Once we get the art piece in the mail: Both artists tape a second video of the additions to the painting. Edit, etc. If you record the opening of the parcel, MAKE SURE personal info like address etc is not shown in your video!

*Upload at the agreed time (which can be a couple of weeks depending on schedule!). Link to each other's videos.

*Mail the artwork back to the original author. Both parties get their original piece, finished by the other artist. 
*We both promote the videos in our favorite networks.
*You retain the copy rights of what you painted, which means if you want to make prints of what you created to finish the canvas, it is OK.

 *click image to see large

Note: I cannot emphasize enough the importance of Timing: This type of activity only works and is fun, if the participants MAIL and work on time.
If there is a chronic illness that doesn't allow to follow a schedule, or a known problem with the local postal service, or a long trip planned, a surgery coming up, or if there is *any* other situation that will not allow you to do as agreed.... PLEASE do not get involved at this time.
I waited to hear from a person that asked me to participate and did not return my painting nor send me one to work on, close to 4 months later. That kills the fun in a hurry.

So, thank you to all the people that have participated/collab nicely with me! ♥ ♥ ♥
Interested? Drop me an e-mail

Note 2: if you want to post the image I painted, please upload with a watermark, it is very sad when it gets Pinned with no name, or stolen for profit. At least the watermark gives them more trouble, and it has a name where to see more about the author ♥

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  1. Thanks for sharing sounds like fun!

  2. Wow! This sounds like fun. :) I'll have to see if I can make this work somehow.

  3. LOVE your little diagrams on how these swaps all happen... fun and effective!

  4. Oh How I love this explanation! Brilliant - and thank you!! xoxo


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