February 17, 2017

15 and 16 faces, Beauty and the Beast

These are my faces 15 and 16 for the 29 faces and also a video collaboration for Beauty and the Beast!
Click the image to see the video!


And the beast:

Thanks for visiting! https://youtu.be/2pQFyH6eDzg
Are you keeping up with your face a day?

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  1. Ohh these are so cute. I am back from my trip so am joining in for the rest of the month. Thank you.

  2. Love, Love, Love Martha! They are so cute! Really enjoyed the video! I hope you are doing ok with all the rain! We see it on the news and it looks so bad! Stay safe! Big Hugs!

  3. Of course your faces are wonderful. I started this last challenge but had to back out for lack of my inspiration. It is always a great challenge thought and you were brilliant to create it.

    EAGHL/Granny Annie


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