June 28, 2008

baby dolls and little outfits

I have a little dress to show. Not too bad huh? I made a little matching headband, and as the ruler shows, it is very small.

And this is my first baby girl doll. The first baby boy one went to live in Delawere. This little girl will go for adoption when I have more dolls to list.

This almost takes me full circle to my starting point when I decided to make 3D sculpts of my little ACEO girls.
The first face I made was so scary I did'nt even dare to take a picture of it lol
I have left my Art Cards in standing still because I so much wanted to figure out the sculpting of a tiny size, not to mention a child's face, in a tiny size.

I am so enjoying the polymer, the paperclay and all that takes to make this OOAK creations. I am not quite sure what I like best: the fairies, the babies or my original interest of making little-girl dolls.
I just wish I could work faster....

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  1. Fabulous job! It is so difficult to capture personality with clay and you've done such great work!

    I have nominated you for the Brilliant Weblog Award because I LOVE your blog and because I didn't want to be the party-pooper who stopped the momentum of the award! See my blog for details




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