August 9, 2009

Almost 4 years...

...of posting random artsy chitchat! wow... 4 years...
I never celebrated this blog's anniversary, so I decided to do so this year with something special to me.
A giveaway of a 4x4 inches mini painting, painted back in 2005. This is one I kept for a test to see how the colors held and I have to say they look like if I painted it yesterday!
Anyone can participate, from anywhere in the world! And if you subscribe to my youtube, your name gets listed twice, so double the chance!! :o)

I actually started to blog after the first reading about it in the Art Divas group.
Which by the way now I am helping moderate the Art Divas in ning, so if you hear any explosions over there it was me, having a little accident :o.

I had another blog, then made this one , took me a while to get used to it or remember to come and post.... In time, I got to meet wonderful people from far away places, learned cool new things and different ways people do their art. And also I get to share with others a bit of me, my endeavors, my craft, and post tips of things I enjoy doing, to help others as well.

In this past years I have changed painting methods, subjects, styles, materials... I went from painting back to sculpting; from stitching back to painting again...
I went from listing every day, to not listing at all... from large canvas, to small format, to polymer and paperclay.

The only thing that has not changed is my love for creating.
I have learned a lot, and hopefully I have helped someone out there to learn something new.
So, if you are interested in the Give away, please post a comment here, and week after the anniversary (which will be the 18th) we'll randomly select a winner.
Good luck!


  1. Four years is a long time.
    I´m just blogging for half a year now, but I love it so much.
    You are right, you can learn so much from the others here.
    Please sign me in for your giveaway.
    Have a nice day

  2. Congrats on the four years! ☺

  3. Happy 4 year anniversary! Count me in the drawing!

  4. Congratulations! and thank you for inviting me to your giveaway.

  5. Congratulations on your blogging anniversary.

  6. congrats on four years! I love art, and my 7 yr old daughter is quite artistic (unlike me, lol) by surrounding her with prints and Central american art her daddy brings from Guatemala on his visits to family I hope to encourage her creativity and help her to discover her own talents!

  7. Not sure what just happen, I lost my comment? I love the mini painting! You have been so helpful to me and a wonderful inspiration! Hugs

  8. Great! Thank you all! I will make the list of names for the drawing!


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