October 16, 2009

Only one cake!

What a week! I'm glad is done and over :oD
Half of my family and extended family has their birthday in October... 3 of us birthday people live in the same house so, knowing me, I was going to be eating ALL the cake I could, stuffing my face like a chipmunk, so I only allowed ONE cake for all LOL That's it, no more!
We had a good time, regardless of the limited amount of icing intake ;o)
Once we were all done with he marathon B-days, it all turn Topsy-turby. Belly aches, food poisoning, nasty allergies, hospital visits, tests....

OH! And a terrible dust storm! LOL tumbleweeds a-flyin' trees a-fallin.
Fun fun fun... not!
I will spare you all the details but today things are much better and it is Friday!! yaay! I actually left this post in draft for several days.

I managed to work a bit on my rodent, her name is Carnation isn't she a beauty? LOL
She still needs her tail and details. The little elf has his shoes now but I did not take a picture yet....

See you soon!


  1. I know this birthday- madness.
    Allmost everybody I know has his birthday in december, including me.
    That and christmas makes december a mad month for me.
    I love your little elf.
    Have a great weekend

  2. Cute little critters. What do you sculpt the features in?

  3. Thanks Janine! So you are going to be all busy in less than 2 months huh? :oD
    Tiki, thank you. The face and limbs are sculpted in polymer clay. If you have not done anything in polymer, click in my "label cloud" to the right in the word polymer (or any other word you want) and it wil take you to more of the same subject, with tutorials and fun stuff. :oD

  4. What a cutie. Looks like that took a lot of time. I love polymer. Thx for sharing. Great work.

  5. I love that little critter.. you MUST COME visit me.. I posted in an earler post.
    I love sculpting, painting, gourds, and papermache' figurines..
    I will be doing some this week!
    I love all of your work .. paintingsare so lovely.. !
    That little guy is darling.. you ought to get some shoes on him before he gets bit by that spider.. ! hugs, DArlene

  6. I love all your art work. Very pretty work.
    About your rodent. It is very life like. When I saw it I was taking back. lol lol Very cute and very life like. Would you sell them? Address is nbayles@riverland.org? And please tell me what the fur is?
    thankyou very nice blog.

  7. Thanks Nancee! I do list my dolls on etsy and ebay.
    Carnation the rat need her tail still! lol I will work on her. The fur is fake-animal fabric fur, I guess some kind of polyester/acrylic fur?? DOn't really know the name of it, but I bought it from a big roll at the fabric store :o)


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