October 6, 2009

Dolls, plants and the fair

My sculptin' mojo attacked me! I have been listing (as you can see in the module to the right) and I actually had a "clay marathon" making 5 heads, then, very unlike me, went ahead and finish the limbs and bodies as well. So I am pretty proud of myself :oD Usually I end up with 3 arms, 7 legs and heads that don't match the limbs, just because I get carried away practicing one thing or another :o}
Here is a little hint picture. One of the dollies is for the ADO challenge, and another is for AMA.
I just have to hurry and finish the outfits! and the rodent!! I would cross my fingers, but then ...how am I to work? :oP

Plants.... We bought the cutest reddest camellia plant. I am so thrilled!!!! hopefully it will take good roots, because I love its colors and it will look so nice in that spot.
It will have to be protected with some cat and dog repellent so they won't mess it up. Sorry Panzon, but you'll have to find another social area. (I have seen him with another Tux kitty, being goofy together) :o)

We went to the fair, walked for 4 hours, had a HUGE cinnamon roll..... we yelled and screamed to my heart's content at the Rick Springfield concert LOL My daughter and I were singing along and I tried to take a cell picture but it didn't work out in hers and mine had a dead battery. I wanted to take one when he's tossing red rose petals all over... it looked cool! lol
That was one nice time to remember in my life....

Another time to remember in my life was the shock last week, after they told me how much is going to be for my kid's braces!!! yikes!!! I'm going to need another cinnamon roll, to feel better! right?? ;o)


  1. I like Rick Springfield too. He plays on General Hospital from time to time, as Dr. Drake and he has his son working there at GH, not real son, but TV son.:D
    Anyway, I love those little babies you made, they look so cuddly and lovable. Great work. Have a great Friday.

  2. I love your funny cute dolls.
    They re delicious and unique.

  3. Thank you Janine, that is so nice!

  4. very unique.. love the ears :)


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