March 1, 2010

March already!

We are already in March, wow! And the puppies are growing like fat ticks on poor momma dog. I noticed their little noses are no longer pink, but a shade of brown, same for their tiny paws and ears. Just like Scruffie, they are developing a bit of dark tones in some places and the rest is a white coat. Which means, all of them being boys, that they will never be clean LoL :oP
Their personalities (or is it dog-sonalities?) are quite diverse: Mr Bennet is calm, same for Mr. Darcy who is so cute, and half the time Mr Bingley. Mr. Whickam barks a lot, very demanding little thing! And Mr. Collins sings the opera. At least that's what it sounds to us when he makes his puppy noises hehehe

I have not done anything art related, just busy stuff, house/yard stuff, mom stuff. Pet stuff!
Sometimes life's like that :oS

Tomorrow I will actually sit to work on my TDP's journal. I know now what I want to do. I just couldn't figure what to do before, but I have an idea so I'll work on it. Then it goes to the box and to the post office, yaay!


  1. How funny to have all males--and the names are just right, coming from Jane. It guess it will be fun to see whether they exhibit the personalities of their famous literary forebears!

  2. Oh how small these puppys are.
    I wonder how they will look in a few weeks

  3. Elizabeth, after we decided to name them from P&P we actually picked which one to be who LoL

  4. Martha, how sweet they look. They are so darn cute and before long they will be jumping out of the box, watch and see. Tee Hee! I love the names you gave them. Have a great Wednesday. (tomorrow.)

  5. oh they are so adorable. i want to kiss their little noses! So cute!

  6. Well, when the house erupts in oil, Ayala, the dogs will have some black spots :) I really am expecting something like that, after all the roof and other things!

  7. Gloria, I'm dreading the day! LoL
    Denise thanks! you want one? ...or 5!? hehehehe ;o)
    Cindy noooOooooOO I liked your comment about the lottery better! You know, I put them on newspaper to wash the cloth bed, and now they are all dirty with the ink LoL agh! I'll have to wash them I guess.... some time next week after they open their eyes.

  8. Oh my god, how cute they are! And all male - congrats :) So sweet, so tiny and look at the wee red ears and noses, too adorable :*)


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