February 25, 2010

Do I have news for you!

Hello there! First I will tell you about my wonderful 2 things delivered in the mail after I won in the OWOH blog event:
An adorable doll from my buddy Cindy Sowers:

A cool necklace from Deborah of heavenlyhumor:

I am so happy! Thank you ladies!

Now let me tell you... I took Scruffie to the vet, right? we took an X ray because I was so worried who the "other dog" was, so there was a chance they puppies were too big. Long story short, the X rays shows 5 heads... I panicked because I was thinking more like 3 :oS And no clue on what to do to help.

Well, last night at some odd hour, she delivered her 5 healthy puppies, all of them look fine, and identical to her!
In the fist inspection, ALL seem to have boys parts... so I guess we will check again later, just to make sure. Isn't it funny if all are from the same gender?? My daughter and I were thinking to call the babies with the Pride and Prejudice names. One was going to be Mr. Darcy. Now with 5 boys, I guess we will have to forget about Lizzy and Charlotte... The options will be Mr. Darcy, Mr. Bingley, Mr. Whickham, Mr. Bennet and Mr. Collins (poor little guy). My dentist will adopt one of them! :oD
Here's the proud momma:

And here is Panzón, who is banned from the house till the babies are bigger:
He doesn't mind, now that the weather is better and naps are more fun in the "jungle" than in a boring carpet anyway LOL

As for art and dolls... well, I will go back to that soon. Life played a twirly twirl on my this past few weeks (with the flu, leaky roof, crazy repair men, pregnant dog and all that), but getting back to normal now :oD


  1. Oh goodness Martha! First, congratulations on such great gifts. What in the world are you going to do with 5 baby pups? Oh geez. I wish you all the luck in the world, really I do. Tee Hee. Have a great rest of the day. We are supposed to be having a storm, so they say. Take care.

  2. Maybe you are lucky and win more.
    Today is my 1. blogaversary.
    I am having a giveaway, and I would like you to join it ;0)
    Happy weekend

  3. Gloria, we have 2 with "new homes" already, so hopefully the other 3 will find their homes before 2 months. :oP Keep your fingers crossed!

    Janine I want to win!! :oD I twitted about your giveaway, I'll post here too.

  4. oh babies soooo perfect! I love puppy breath don't you! so sweet

  5. You won 2 things?! And you got puppies?! Ha ha ha. I think you'd better buy a lottery ticket this month!


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