October 6, 2010

Halloween and Dia de los Muertos

I have been doing a lot of sewing, and a bit of claying. The sewn items (hats) are all sold to my delight, thanks to my kid who is turning out to be a great advertisement machine LoL but now I have nothing to list in the new shop. I guess everything will have to be listed as custom, so I can have the listing up.
The clay work is mostly skulls. I have been having so much fun making them! Here's a sample photo:


Many layers of paint and satin varnish and you have the bone look. Only that I also added a magnet so they can decorate your locker or fridge in a macabre style :oP
Usually I go for the whimsical and sweet, but this time I went more for texture and dark.


  1. These skulls are FANTASTIC Martha, best senario too with your hat creations not making the shop, custom is a great idea! Anyway, back from hols, look forward to catching up with all the new swaps etc when they start ; )

  2. These are great! Not having enough for your shop doesn't sound like a bad problem to have... ha ha! Congrats!

    and thank you for the bone tip :)

  3. I love your skulls, really great for
    "Dia de Muertos". :)

  4. These are GREAT! Thanks for the tutorial! I've got to make some!


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