October 18, 2010

What should I title this?

My monitor got sick. It started to blink, then flash, it was more time in the black than in the light till it finally, quietly, fainted. So after a couple of days of that, we reluctantly went shopping for a new one. I did not want to spend the money nor did I want to change to a new one, so we also tested the cable.... then another machine.... then a couple of other geeky things and finally after a couple of days, instead of spending 300.00 we spent 4.00 bucks. Cool hey?

I was really happy! Turns out a huge number of parts for Taiwan were bad, making many monitors flash (thanks google!) so my two heroes (hubby and son) got their soldering stuff out and voila! fixed it! Don't ask me exactly how, because I have no clue. I am just happy they picked up the mess and the monitor is back to normal. And I don't have to use that dreaded portable with the tiny keyboard!! I really don't understand how some people surf on their cell phone. I don't care how fancy the phone, I need a decent size monitor and keyboard, thank you :oP

Now, for the artsy update, I have been sewing more than I bargained for :oP and also spend a few peaceful hours drawing then inking some new ACEO. I am ready to add color!

I will be listing this week.


  1. Don't you love a cheap fix?! Yay! I'm glad you didn't have to buy a new one. I like where you're going with those ACEO's... look forward to seeing that color!

  2. Glad you got it fixed. Computers and monitors are sometimes a pain. It's gotten to the point where sometimes you feel like you can't live without them as is the same with the cell. That sort of angers me because we did fine before they ever came along, right? :)) Have a great week.

  3. Exactly! I never wanted a cell at all. Only when the kids started school I thought I might need one for emergencies. I still use ii as that, but I "need" to have it with me, just in case. As for the computer, well... it is a adictive, with so much to see and so many friends online!!! :o)

  4. Hey Martha ;o) I'm so glad you got your computer fixed cheap ;o) As for cell phones, I gave mine up last year and I don't miss it ;o) I thought why am I spending money on it, so I dropped it! I can't wait to see your new aceo's done ;o) They look soooooooo cute ;o)

  5. I eneded up with a virus on both pc's within a month apart.. $$$$
    just cant get ahead, and I do think we were so much better off with out cell phones or pc's..
    Dr. Oz said the New SMOKERS are the "people who sit".I love blogging and painting but now there is no time for excersize and my health feels it too!

  6. I felt the same as you, but did breakdown and get a blackberry. I did get used to typing with my thumbs - the only way to use those tiny keyboards :)
    Can't wait to see your ACEO's with color!

  7. Thanks! I am ready to post the finished cards.

  8. Glad your computer is fixed!
    So cool to see these before you've finished them! :)


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