January 23, 2011

Cloth dolls

I am currently and slowly working on 2 cloth dolls.
The first one is Claudia Crow, who is a re-worked dolly. She has a video, which will be redone as well. Originally, the story I made for her, a nice girl who are the wrong cupcake, and turn into a crow.... she kept her hands in flesh tone, but seems like that was not quite right. So now she has crow color all over, she completery changed. I think she looks cute, but then again... I am partial ;o)

And the other dolly WIP picture. I think she looks more like my mini paintings, yes? That has been my goal for a long time but it is easier said than done!

I didn't give her ears because I am planning to have her have hair and a hairband. So lets see how she looks at the end :o)


  1. You totally amaze me, I wouldn't know where to start, (I'm about to watch the video though, so maybe after that LOL) fantastic Martha!

  2. I got all excited but then realised the video link wasn't here yet, now I'll just have to wait & see! Great work Martha : )

  3. Hi HI, little Ratso with the teddy bear is so cool.
    I Love it

  4. you are amazing! and yes, wow, the little one DOES look like your mini paintings, incredible

  5. Martha, they are both fantastic, but you know, I love the crow doll the most!! I wonder why?? LOL!!

  6. Wow these are beautiful! You are very talented, they're both adorable :)

  7. Wow these are so much fun. So cute!

  8. Have you finished that little doll?! I wanna see the hair!!!!! She's awesome. I used to make polymer dolls, and I'm considering getting back into it, but this technique is also something I've been meaning to try. Great job!

    1. Well, I have to confess that she is still sitting next to her half-made sisters, waiting for me to finish making them. (-_-)
      Only that I worked on her a bit more than in this picture. Thanks for reminding me. After I finish my current painting challenge, I will go back to this project. :o)


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