January 15, 2011

Hearts, chicken and a dolly

I will start with the chicken, she will have her personal post shortly but for now she's hangin' in there with there girls. Her name is Petunia and was made for Illustration Friday. I think she turned out cute :o)
And I have hearts in my mind. Well, chocolate hearts but for now paper hearts will do, right?

I have been working also on a new doll, but I am kind of stuck at the moment. I am not sure if I want to paint her one way or the other so I left her sitting by the window in the kitchen. I kept all mirrors away so she won't get scared of her head at this point :oP


  1. I am in awe of your dolls Martha!!!! Your new aceos are looking like Valentines isn't far away, the chook LOL LOVE it to can't wait to hear the story behind it?

  2. All beautiful!!! Love your little dolly work in progress.

  3. All so beautiful Martha!! I'm with Shelle, I can't wait to hear the story behind your chicken ;o)

  4. Oh yes, it really turned out very cute,
    And I wonder how your finished doll will look like,

  5. She kind of looks like my best friends grand daughter. Seriously. Well, the grand daughter has ears and hair and is not snow white, but otherwise, she's a dead ringer. :~D

  6. Love to see work in progress pictures, thank you for sharing. And Petunia, well I love her! Lol


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