March 8, 2011

Make Tacos not War

I couldn't stop myself from using that title... I read it couple of days ago in a magazine. It is written in a sign made by a San Antonio based artist named Alejandro Diaz :o) I should make a sign like that for my kids when they start arguing! Actually, my sign will say : "Make tacos, not drama" LoL

Or one for me: "Make Art not Tacos"? But I know my husband will change it for "Make dinner, not art"
:oD   Oh well... as long as we have enough cardboard!

Which reminds me, in other news, the polka dotted lady that I was to paint, is gone but here's a snap of how she looked. The elments I added were cardboard wings in lavender color, highlights all over and the word "inspired" in gold. I am waiting for the next painting to arrive from NY.

Have fun creating!
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  1. Very nice. She has inspired me for sure. Have a great Wednesday.

  2. I love that quote.
    Very good and I like your new painting, especially the dots on the womans yellow dress.
    have a great week

  3. Hey Martha! I started laughing when you wrote, your husband would say, Make dinner, not art! LOL! Very cute! I love the painting! So cool! Have a great day!

  4. You are the funny one ;) whoops reminds me better go rustle something up for dinner... I'm thinking Mexican (wonder why)??


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