December 7, 2011

The background? ... The hair?

There's a couple of changes in the painting but I have to say, I am still not feeling it. (-_-) I think I overworked it, and somehow, somewhere I took the wrong direction.
Here's with hair:

And here's with some changes in the background, and I worked on her mouth in a way that she is smiling:

The colors are sweet and dreamy, but there's something missing and I'm not sure what it is. Maybe the hair.
Well, I have more paintings to scan so I will be working on those.
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  1. i know what you mean, sometimes it just goes in the wrong direction. But I really like how your painting turnede out

  2. Martha, I do like her smiling and I like the flow of the hair, but maybe the hair is too dark? Don't know? Good luck ;o)

  3. Walk away from the painting for a week...contemplate what if??? ...and return refreshed to see how you feel. Peace, Mary Helen

  4. Thanks Janine!

    Stacy, I think I will do something to the hair, not sure what yet...

    Mary Helen, I have been leaving it and coming back. I guess I can do that again for a longer time, till next year XoD

  5. Martha, I love the way she is smiling in the lower photo and the background colors are so dreamy. Really beautiful. I am enjoying so much the painting you sent me and have had such wonderful comments for the sweet young girl. My husband thinks she is our daughter, maybe. Faye

  6. I just went back one post and see that you painted the child out of your imagination. That's so amazing!

  7. Faye, thank for the Christmas card!! What a sweet surprise!


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