August 15, 2014

Are you getting my channel videos?

Tutorial: how to get YouTube videos from your subscriptions:

With all the changes YouTube made recently (and most likely will happen again), you probably noticed that you are not getting the videos anymore.
I made this tutorial so you get notifications on your inbox again.

UPDATE 2015/2016:
To receive a notification of every time I upload a video in my channel click the option in the little menu:
*At this point I am posting weekly on Tuesdays, and very often on Thursdays. When I am in a video challenge I post some odd day as well.

Old post continues...

As you go to your YT channel, click on the left panel. If you are visiting from a cellphone or mobile devise, you might have to click on their "see as website" link, found t the bottom of their screen.
Once you are in the left panel menu, click on "Subscriptions", it will take you to the list of channels you are subscribed to.
Then manage your subscriptions by clicking "Send me updates". Which will send to your email one notification per video, per channel.
You can decide "All activity" or "Uploads only", to get less emails.
Of course select my channel!   ٩(^‿^)۶
And that's it!

I do not post too many videos, in fact I am planning to do it more often, as time permits.

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