August 22, 2014

OMG! My blog giveaway!

Good grief! (-_ ლ) 
With all the stuff going on in my life (health-wise and otherwise) I totally forgot to celebrate my Blog's birthday! 9 years blogging, wow!

 How to participate: Share this post! Link back to my blog.
Use the console to share at the bottom of my posts or copy/paste the link on your networks. And LEAVE a comment here!
The more you share, the more chances to win ♥

 What do you win:  A spot in any of my classes! If I give you a painting, you have one thing, if I give you a class, you have knowledge! Please specify in your comment what class you would prefer to win. Each class has many videos and projects in it.

Basic face: for beginners

Party hat: for advanced

Overhaul: techniques for advanced

When do we know winners:  September 6th, so we have time to share and hear about it. Last time many people were sad because they didn't hear of my giveaway until it was all done and gone.

*Note: I will post here and in FB, then make a list of the people that I can see sharing THIS blog post and/or the FB original post...which means if you share a "shared" post from somewhere else, or a different post from my blog I cannot see you, so you will not be in my list. So make sure  you leave a comment HERE (or in the FB original post).
Thank you! SHaRe shARe sHArE!   ٩(^‿^)۶

Happy birthday little blog!  fUn  FuN  FUn!!
Update: *closed* ...The winner is Maria Medeiros!

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  1. Happy Blogaversary!! Congrats on many years and here's to many more.:)

  2. Congratulations on 9 years, it take tenacity to last that long blogging!! Good for you!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. congrats on 9 years of successful blogging. Happy PPF, Annette x

  4. Congratulations! that's a long time, and still going strong! Keep up the good work :-)

  5. 9 years! Wow girl! Congrats!

  6. Congratulations. Nine years is impressive. Have a lovely week.

  7. Congrats ! And happy anniversary! X x

  8. Ohhh this is such a nice giveaway. Count me in. I will be sharing on my blog and FB
    Congratulations on 9 years.

  9. I have posted on my blog, shared it with over 500 readers and linked the post to my FB.
    Thanks for this awesome giveaway.

  10. congrats! super deal!! i get so confused when it comes to things like linking and stuff, so ill just wish you happy blogging birthday and wish you many more years of sharing. i found your blog via nicole of "nicole beadwright campanella" blog. i think she's wonderful. cheers!!

  11. wow!!!! Congratulations! That is totally amazing! And thanks for the opportunity for this amazing contest! I would love to learn about the basic face! :D Congratulations again!!!

  12. I've shared on Facebook. Thanks for the chance to win and congrats on longevity ♥

  13. thanks for the chance to win :)


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