March 6, 2017

Best of times

I had the chance to go out of town for a few days with my family. Nothing planned, except my husband's meeting, nothing  aiming to a particular activity and yet we ha so much fun!
San Diego is one of my favorite places, just doing nothing there, feels like something ;o)

The Balboa park and all the museums are the perfect recipe for a fun day. This time around we decided not to go indoors, because the sun felt so nice! But I always love going to the museums there, we get an all day pass, my feet are totally exhausted and not even done watching all at the end of the day lol
Walking by the ocean, the Gaslight district, and by the piers, along the boats, the birds, the street music... like magic.

I wish I had thought of filming more, there are truly gifted musicians playing all kinds of styles and instruments.
Images of tiny corners, rather than large city hallmarks, seemed to me my theme of the weekend.



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  1. What a lovely restful day :D XXX

  2. So happy you had a chance to go out of town and rest! Love the pictures! Big Hugs!


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