September 6, 2009

I hate hackers

Can't surf safely online anymore... we have all the protection and anti-virus and anti-junk and still I managed to catch a nasty bug that made a mess out of my hard drive gggrrrr! We spent days trying to fix the problem and rescuing old files (that of course I did not backed up) and more than anything I wanted to save my pictures, that of course I had not printed yet even years later... *sigh* Well... the good thing is that we saved my pictures!! yaay!
I went folder by folder checking and "dusting off" old things and I just had to share this:

These are wood mini paintings I made before I even made the blog. They were made sometime in 2002/04 and I almost had forgotten about them. I have not painted on wood for a long time.
Among the things I lost was my auction template (and a bunch of applications!) so I have been working on that, and re-installing stuff.
What a pest those guys are! :o(
I ended up making a very nice template, so *hopefully* I will list this next week.

Items from a smoke-free and pet-free environment. What? The cat?? He never moves! He thinks he's a rug and is not allowed in the back of the house where my art stuff is made (....and the computers get ruined) :oP


  1. Know what you mean by those pescky little bugs...too bad these people have nothing else to do than to wreak havoc on innocent users. Seems many people are having problems these last few days.

    It's really funny to look at old pics of early work...I have an photo album from 15 years ago showing all the things I did...what a hoot. Time and education sure have turned me around...Thank God!! LOL Actually, your little paintings are quite cute...I love working on wood still.

  2. Thanks Georgina! I actually have somewhere in a box, stuff I made when I was a kid, and some more stuff when I was in college.... it all looks so different! These on wood still are "me" I still identify with them and still love Frida :oD
    And the hackers? I hope they all SOON find something else to do >:o(


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