September 9, 2009

I thought it was cool

I had to post today just because the date is so cool: 09/09/09 ;oD

The Frida cloth doll is all finished! Took some pictures and I think she turned out very nice, with her flowers in the hair.
I think she will go to etsy.

I also listed on ebay polymer baby Amber....

I was so stressed when I thought I lost all the pictures! I strongly recommend to burn a CD with your pics, and backup, and maybe keep the favorite pics on the little camera disc. I deleted a bunch although the little thing can hold like 5 years of images heheeh
Well, live and learn!


  1. I love your new baby and the Frida doll looks so awesome! Best wishes for both! Hugs Cat

  2. those are fantastic, you have such an eye for sculpting!


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