September 23, 2009

Not around here....

They say Fall is here around the corner, but not around my corner! We were 101 today, yesterday, and most likely tomorrow as well.
Not complaining... I love the warm weather. And I am keeping my fingers crossed so we won't have bad fog this year....
The only thing is that we are holding the planting of new stuff in the flowerbed.
I had to get rid of an old plant, was all sick looking and after trimming and clipping and babying.... nada, it just kept getting worse so bye-bye bush... hello new-plant-that-I-think-will-be-a-camellia! Still not sure, but the woman at nursery said that was the perfect spot for a red camellia.... and I LOVE color! So it would be great!

I have been working on some little heads but dont have any pictures yet.

I do have a nasty scary picture to show you..... never saw a bigger spider around here before!!! close to 2 inches! yuck!! (Sorry spider lovers!)

So... season's greetings!
(no spiders were injured in the making of this post, but the camera woman also known as moi got really nervous when her son had the hand close to the critter! He was about 4 inches away, but looks closer.)


  1. You are a brave woman....I've got goose bumps on my goose bumps!!!

  2. Oh I can't stand spiders. Ayeeeeee! They scare me. Just stopped by from another blog, hope you have a great week.

  3. What a great Halloween painting this would make!!!

  4. Hi Ayala! Nice to meet you..
    I am a friend of Glorias.. Omg.. I saw his pic of the spider.. and thought it was a brown recluse! whhooo.. a great halloween inspiration..! yikes..
    I love your blog, you remind me of myself, sculpting dolls, painting, back to sculpting something and painting.. the name of the game!
    Come visit soon.. I have posted my very first polymer clay doll, I made five yrs ago.. let me know what you think?
    Hugs, Darlene..


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