December 8, 2009

Random stuff

OK.... I just bumped into Melancholy Dollies blog and she is having a Giveaway that runs from 12/06 - 12/13.... so if I Mention her giveaway in my blog (which officially I am doing ;oD) I have a chance to win. Now, don't spoil it and crowd in front of me... I want to win! lol
In other quick news, I fixed my angel dolly from my secret partner, that I guess I am not supposed to say who it is yet.... but the beautiful doll is like new, I am so happy!
The friend I sent my art to, told me she loved the dog painting I made for her. I felt all warm and cozy to read her nice words.... sugar to my ears! :oD

I listed another elf, an albino. I am very happy the way the pictures turned out. It's been a long road for me to manage to take something I like.
My light box is not roomy enough so I dropped the walls, then the light was not quite right... so out doors I went.

We decorated our Christmas tree. I always had to do the top because my kids couldn't reach.... well, this year my daughter can reach. I just cant believe it... last year she needed a stool to climb on, and now she just stretched out her arms to decorate the tree top. She is as tall as me. I guess next month I will be the shortest person in the house, at 5'5" (i.67 mts). I don't mind at all, that was supposed to happen.... but I was not ready for it. Made me smile :o)

Now we only need to clear the other table to have our Nativity in there.


  1. Hi Ayala,
    I did some redo of my blog, I added your blog to my list of Fun Blogs! I am also a follwer of yours!
    I admire you painting so much.
    This is a personal invite for you to come over to my Blog for my FREE Christmas Give a way. You have two chances to win and the drawing is on Sunday Dec. 13th.
    I am contacting you because I realize this time of the year is busy for everyone and I didnot want you to miss out.
    Hope to see you!
    Sign on the Monday post please when you come over.
    Hugs, Darlene xo

  2. Darlene, Thanks for letting me know!!!

  3. Hi, thanks for visiting me and your nice comments. Your paintings are beautiful too!

  4. Ayala,
    Thank You for stopping by my blog!!!!!

    Many Hugs,


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