December 21, 2009

Winter preparations and more Re-works

I know in many States and Countries, the snow has been falling for a while now, but here in my little spot of the world, the Winter actually started today. So I made preparations for it as follows:

-Get the yard ready for winter... check

-Replant a rose bush to a sunnier spot... check

-Scream like a lil' girl after finding a nasty spider in my glove... check

-Asking son for help... check

-Holding up the words" I told you not to..." when the son walks with muddy shoes in the house... check

-Cleaning the mud and changing driveway light that were supposed to be replaced weeks ago... check

-Losing the stoopid screw of the light fixture in a bushy plant of the flowerbed under the light fixture... check

-Forty minutes around the bushes looking for the screw with a magnet, while cursing in English and Spanish... check

-Getting bandages for all the arm scratches.... And feeling really shtoopid realizing that magnets won't ever attract brass screws... check

Asking son for help finding the screw (and putting up with jokes like "so you're missing a screw", "do you need a bigger magnet?".... check

-Washing the other light fixtures while son looks around the flower bed trying to find the lost screw... check

-Looking in disbelief as son has dug out half of the flowerbed, and still no screw.... check

-Making a list of things for HomeDepot (outside light fixtures, light bulbs.... new plant for flowerbed).... check

Making a call to yell at DH because really, he should've change the light bulb weeks ago..... pending


And well, I can't leave before showing a picture of my paperclay heads I am reworking on:

Before and After; Nose bridge softened; cheeks and forehead added to take the bulgy look of the eyes; lips sanded down to a more realistic proportion.
I made this head probably 2 years ago, and left them on the side because I just knew I was doing something terrible, I just didn't know how to fix it. Forward 40+ months and I have learned enough things to see where the mistakes are and how to change it.
This heads will not have a "baby" look. I guess adding enough clay they could look like that, but I think I want them more for a fantasy looking doll.

So... Never give up! and Happy Winter solstice! :oD


  1. It looks better and better,
    Can´t wait to see the finished work.
    Have beautiful holidays

  2. Your winter check list did make me laugh - especially the screw saga! My husband lost a screw from one of his power tools on our driveway earlier this year and we couldn't find it anywhere .... until about 6 months later it just turned up on the edge of a flowerbed!

    I like your heads - ever the before ones look good to me!

    Seasons greetings to you :)

  3. Poor you, all scratched before Christmas. :) Wear long sleeves, hehehe. Wow I love those paper clay heads. What do you mean by paper clay? I would love to work with something like that. Where can I buy paper clay? If you don't mind my asking. I better go, time is running away from me. I seen your post and your little faces and just had to come look. Have a great Christmas and eat lots of tamales.:D Take care.

  4. Sherry, we found an identical screw at the store, I was lucky!! :oD Gloria, paperclay is great stuff! Buy it at your local craft store, it comes in a black bag and it is like buttery soft papier mache, dries hard and you can sand it, paint it, etc.... I love it.

  5. SO funny... I love the paper clay heads can't wait to see them finished!!! Merry Christmas! hugs, kat

  6. The faces are great! I'm loving the paperclay right now ..because you can take it a step further with painting and really make a doll look "art-sy" you are going to finish these?! righT!? can't wait to see them with your beautifu painting! Colleen


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