June 22, 2010

Summer days...

I don't know about your part of the world, but here, the summer starts early, fast and hot. And unless you are in the south of the world, you are probably enjoying some hot weather as well. The only part I don't enjoy is when the electric bill gets here... ouch! Electricity in California is very expensive, at least in my county.

Well anyway, I have been keeping the kids busy, and slowly but surely working on my artsy craftsy projects.
For my "Touring baby" I have visiting my friend Rhonda's baby, isn't she cute?

I will give her some hair and a cute dress (same fabric as her shorts), then ship her to Idaho, an she will keep her travels all the way back to NC. Check the Babies Blog HERE

Also, let me tell you: My Frida doll was included in a very pretty treasury! HERE 
Made by whisperings13 in Etsy, thank you! That made me very happy :o}

I have a cute picture to share too. Former enemies, now nap partners, Panzón and Scruffie:

And before I go, don't forget to sign up for my ACEO Giveaway!


  1. Congrats on the treasury! she looks great and what a pretty treasury, too.

    what a cute baby! and your fur babies are adorable, too!

  2. Amei o bebê. Que trabalho encantador.
    É tão bom fazer coisas bonitas assim e compartilhar com as pessoas.
    Amei seu cãozinho e o gato. Amigos de verdade.
    Aqui no Brasil, dia 21 de junho começou o inverno mas não é tão frio assim. 28 graus pra nós já é demais. Nosso verão às vezes vai a 45 graus.
    Um beijo e bom dia pra voce.

  3. Oh how ting your elfe- baby is. I really don´t know how you make this little treasures.

    I love the sweet photo of cat and dog too.
    This is a rare frindship

  4. Thanks Jaime!
    Margarida I will tell my friend what you said, she'll be happy.
    Janine, my friend Rhonda, made the baby. And about our pets, I am surprised they get along so well! The first time they met they were both mad at each other and Panzón scratched me :o/
    Now they spend hours together, and they steal each others food hehhe

  5. Awww I love Panzón and Scruffie-they are adorable and what beautiful names :)Thanks so much for stopping by and for the kind words :)


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