June 14, 2010

We dream, we change, we adjust.

Today I have a question for you. What were your dreams then? What are your dreams now?
Warning: if you don't like long posts, skip this one! :oD
I got this on an email recently and made me think of my dreams and what it takes: 

First I would have to say, I don't want to be on TV, I don't have what it takes (which is a lot of time, distance from family and lose of anonymity) and I love my privacy. Talent? I have some :o)
But I'll cheer anyone that has that goal.

When I was little, my dream was to be an opera singer. I was going to grow up to be the bestest and greatest performer. Spent my time preparing accordingly, singing full blast every day, standing on a chair.
I was always in the Monday assembly at school, in every school I ever attended. Since we moved a lot from N to S, E to W, I was in a lot of schools, always having the wrong accent for the wrong town. Oh well.... But I was in every play and anything that would place me in front of people.
Later on,  my thing was acting. The main interest was making people laugh, cry. Feel. Oh the drama....

I won awards in high school for best actress, (just don't ask about my math grade) and I always had the equivalent of a sugar rush after a performance. Took classes for reaching high levels of drama, classes for coming down from a drama-high at the end of a performance; pronunciation classes, breathing lessons; sounds, lighting, makeup classes. Learned to paint backgrounds and make props as well.
I loved the theater. I loved the people, the energy. I loved the magic of creating an atmosphere and a feeling. I still love a good play and enjoy a good production. Heck, any production! From Kindergarten up, there is always effort behind any show, and I love all parts of it.

Participated in a  bunch of experimental movies in college, for my friends that were taking film classes.
I did a bit of TV, with one of my college friends who kept going in that direction and now he has a solid name in that media. But my thing was the theater.
It was a fun part of my life: my graphic design studio during the day, ceramics on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings; acting from Thursday till Saturday, twice on Sunday. It was a bliss, but not enough. I wanted a family.

I was a professional actress until a week before my wedding. Then we moved to a new place in a new city, country, language. I tried for a while to keep connected to the theater but I didn't want to spend my time driving to the next town where they had the group and I didn't want to use my husband's weekends away from him, so little by little, trying to find ways of expressing my need to create, I turned more into ceramics and painting and left my great love for acting on the side. I don't regret it, I simply adjusted my plans.

Then came one baby. Then the car accident. Years of back pain. The back surgery. Back to health. Second baby. Tried to still do some clay work but one kid was throwing the clay to the walls, and the other one was eating it. So I packed my clay and became a night time painter and a daytime pencil sketcher. With the occasional wall scrubbing from my little artists LoL (I wish they had my grandma's wall like I did!) Then came the computers and the Internet. Fast forward 15 years. I am still painting and sculpting.

My dreams are different now. I really don't want to be every night at rehearsals and weekends in a theater.  I get more pleasure to spend time with my family (loud music and all) but I still love making people laugh or feel something when they see what I created. I definitely would not like to be on TV, but I like doing things for youtube.

My dream would be to be able to sell my art without spending so much time promoting. So I can create more art without over-stuffing my house with it! Dream on, right? LoL

What are your dreams? What have you changed? What have you adjusted to your present life?
If you have a long answer and there's not enough room in the comment space, feel free to post your link here too! I would love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Thank you for opening your life and heart to us :-) I would need a lot of space to explain my way here, to who I am today :-)

  2. Oh, thank you! And I bet your explanation is very interesting!

  3. Привет! Сколько себя помню, всегда хотела стать учителем: учить детей рисовать. Им и стала. Хотя некоторое время руководила учебным заведением. но административная работа мне не понравилась. Занималась бизнесом, но это тоже не по мне, хотя могу это делать. 2 года назад увлеклась куклами и поняла: это то, к чему я шла всю свою жизнь! Сейчас занимаюсь куклами в свое удовольствие и другой жизни не хочу!
    Спасибо за посещение моего блога и хорошие комментарии!

  4. Thanks for your visit niknik! Administrative work is not for me either! :oP
    And your dolls are so nice!

  5. I'm living my dream right now! I'm so blessed, but I do share your dream of having more time to create than promote. I have been urging my son's to come up w/ a show for Oprah! I'm too shy.

  6. You are so talented and it's inspiring to see how you found ways to continue to be creative and use that voice! Sadly, I don't recall ever having a dream as a kid but now I dream of creating wonderful things as my talent grows...and it would be nice to sell a few things along the way lol


  7. I loved this Martha, thank you for sharing oxoxox

  8. Thanks Lynn, that is so true1 :o}
    Trace, thanks for visiting!


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