June 8, 2010

Victoria's hat and tutorial

I finished a fun story for Victoria (Raedell's doll from the TDP in ADO); I made her a pretty dress, gave her a companion (to be shown later on) and a fabulous hat!
 I can only give you a little peek today. Just her hat.... but I made a tutorial too so here are the pictures!
Click on it to see it in a big size:

Victoria is having a lot of fun here, and if you have read her story in the Traveling doll blog, you know she was feeling a bit lonely... but not anymore!  We are going to wait for Luna to get here, have a party and the she will go to Florida.

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  1. That sweet tutorial is adorable and so is the hat.
    Very cool

  2. Hello in my last post we welcome you to my blog, check it ! Thank you for your visit

    maria Palito

  3. oh wow that is so tiny but really makes a big statement :))

  4. Thank you Janine!
    Maria, that is so nice of you! I visited and your blog, thanks!

  5. Thanks Mary ArtTales! :oD


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