July 12, 2010


We went to the coast over the weekend, and it is such a nice change on weather, scenery, color... I want to share some pictures. Of course the ones I took are the silly pics, and the wonderful views were taken by my son.
Both my kids take such great pictures!
(Yes, I am momma crow, but in this case, Im-a tellin' ya, they are good! :oD)

 Sorry, I just had to include a picture of Scruffie....!

Put it one way, (and you can quote me on that) we all see the same things, but most of us don't get to click :oB he he he

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  1. Oh yes!!!
    Chillin´sounds great to me.
    in Germany it is as hot, as it was in Egypt, when I was there.
    it is hard to move in this heat, so I am a big fan of chilling too
    Have a great weekend


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