July 20, 2010

Thank you sweet old lady...

Remember my last post where I said " we are in the right place at the right time"? well....

This morning I was taking my son to a summer class, and I had been complaining all along about this sweet, SLOW old lady driving infront of me. I was getting so frustrated with her! Finally I was able to pass her, then made my change of line to turn to another street, where within seconds a HUGE pickup came from the opposite  side of traffic, crossed through my line and crashed against a block wall and broke it.
Few seconds earlier and it would've been me, not the wall. I had to keep going so not to stop all the traffic behind me, but first thing I thought was... Thank you slow old lady! Thank you Lord!

If the block wall was broken, I would've been killed. But nothing happen, the pick up didn't crash anyone, and the driver was walking when I was coming back from dropping my son.

I feel blessed and very lucky. :o)

Here is one of the ACEOs my daughter and I made yesterday. Yes, it is Scruffie.

We are making more doggy ACEOs, and some of Panzón too so he won't be jealous (like if he cares!)


  1. Goog heavens!!!
    You really had a guarding angel.
    Nothing happens without a reason.
    That Lady simply has to be there to rescue you. I am so hlad, that you are allright.
    Take care
    hugs Janine

    sweet aceo and a funny catphoto

  2. Hi Martha ;o)
    So happy nothing happened to you! I truly believe everything happens for a reason. I have had many experiences myself.
    I love your new aceo and the cat photo is really funny!
    Take Care and keep that bright light shining around you!

  3. hi there.. I'm so glad you are ok! I am a firm believer that God sends his Angels to watch over and protect us. you are in gods thoughts! Cute aceo!

  4. Wow scary, I am so happy that you were not hurt.

    What a sweet dog! And cute kitty!

  5. I'm of the firm belief that there really is a reason behind everything.

    Yes, thank goodness for that little ole lady! And, thank goodness you are okay.

    Your ACEO is adorable - as is the pic of Panzon




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