July 19, 2010

Not the only one

As I was doing my blog visits last night, I bumped into Barton Originals post about how she's been feeling frustrated about not being able to start her work, and she had many comments by different people, regarding pretty much about a general feeling of the same "thing".

I wonder if it is in the heat, stars, constellations  or something, as I was having the same kind of funk not too long ago.  For now, I am going to do what Gary Reef says: Stop thinking and start doing.

Yeah! Where are those brushes and paint!?

Updated few hours later:

"You are the right person, this is the right time, you've paid your dues, you're thinking the right thoughts, you're doing the right things, and this very moment, you are exactly where you're supposed to be... poised for the happiest time of your life."

The past text, shared by Zelodious.. thanks!


  1. I can totally relate. I too fall into those funks where I don't want to create a thing and just sit and stare at the TV. I used to feel guilty about it but am learning now to embrace it as I think all our muses need a little break now and then. I always go back to my art and always feel so much better about it in the end after a little break~

  2. I think some of my muses actually melted on the sidewalk last week! hehehe

  3. Ayala, I was so heartened by all the comments on that post and realizing that all of us that are creative go through this.

    I do like your quote from Gary Reef!

    Very wise!



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