January 29, 2012

29 faces, event in FB

Hey there! Just a quick  post to include the link to facebook:


From there, you see the event. Everyone can join, but in case you can't click, for whatever reason, just contact me in that page so I see you and invite you.

For those new to blogging, here's the way to add a label:

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  1. i am really going to try and join this! i joined the event on facebook :)


  2. I feel pretty dumb, but how do you join an event on Facebook? Is it just pushing the like-button or is there more to it? Sorry, don't use Facebook often and it still holds a lot of mystery to me ;-)

    1. Oh, don't feel like that, I don't know my way so good either ;o) There's a join button in the link. If you don't see it, give me your FB ID and I will send you an invitation from there. I left it open so anyone can be part of it.

  3. Hi Ayala,

    I finished my first face and posted. Are you going to put up a daily Mr. Linky? (Easiest to check out everyone's daily efforts that way...) Or just use the initial sign up?

    BTW I don't use Facebook.

    Great idea! Looking forward to seeing lots of faces!

  4. I don't think I can deal with a daily linky, but we can all see the link based on the post labels (if done right) so for every click, you get to see ALL the related posts.
    This is the first time I do it this way, so it is a learning process I guess.
    Only opened the FB for those with no blog, people don't have to be there, I know many don't like it, or don't have time to mess with it ha! :o)

  5. Hi Ayala! My first link didn't work... so you can delete it from the list. So sorry! Thanks again for putting together such a great challenge! ~ Laura J. Holman

  6. Have fun with your event, sounds like a lot of people joining in!

  7. I hope I joined this challenge properly. I didn't read about it until today, so I used a clever way (at least I thought it was clever - lol) to make two faces in one today. :) After I did it, I read your comment in your first day's post about mirroring your artwork. :)

    Cindy Johns


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