June 20, 2012

OMG! No new posts??

Good heavens, I have been doing so many things at once, that I was so sure I had posted here in the blog as well (Not just in FB)...
Well, I have this new video I made, of a painting of Lisa Patencio. She uploaded this cool picture and I just had to ask her if I could paint it!

I enjoyed very much going through the process. It is always exhilarating and scary to make the portrait of an actual person, as opposed as my imagination, because it HAS to look like the person, right? Sometimes I am luckier than others, in this case I am very happy with the result.

I am working on another June Guy, and also my next portrait, which i will be showing in the next few days. If you are new to portraits, and want to learn a few fun tricks, I'm having a workshop, and a giveaway HERE

Grab the blog button and share the word! It's a very easy way to make a face for your canvas, or art  journal... whatever you like. And I am working on having all the audio typed, for the hearing impaired! (explanations and info) So if you need that, or a friend that would love to paint/draw but can't hear, this is the chance!  ;o)

Well, see you soon!


  1. I have three out of my four June guys done - need to do that last one! I've got a couple of ideas.

  2. Great video! Great face! Well done Martha ;o)

  3. It was great to see the progress of this! Nice work!

  4. Have definitely missed your posts, great work this looks so fun and turned out great! I would love to see you work with some watercolors I'm trying to get better at portraits myself and I only use watercolors, though im not very good.

  5. Wow this really turned out beautiful!


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