August 6, 2012

So many ideas... so little time

I went to sleep late last night editing videos for my next class. I got up very early today. It takes determination for sure! And in the middle of all that, while waiting for the computer to finish chewing  some material.... what do you know but I found a super cool challenge from Natasha May in the butterfly effect.  OMG I had to be part of it!
So, I added one more video to the mix. XoD


She didn't turn out so bad, I think? Should I confess now that I am ambidextrous?  No, maybe I won't heheh I do most things with the right hand, except funny stuff like opening doors and handling keys, that has to be the left hand. Weird.

 Here's the quick video:

The crazy hyper muse came to visit me again, and my brain is effervescing with ideas and projects, I just need more hours in the day, so I better run.

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  1. This looks really great! And you make it look so easy. :) Thanks for taking up the challenge. :)

  2. You did this with your left hand?? Wow Martha! Excellent! Keep going with your crazy hyper muse ;o) Take Care ;o)

    1. yup, my little left hand and me. It surprised me too hahahaah

  3. She is adorable and you made it look easy. I cannot draw with my left hand AT all.

    I am sending a butterfly to Texas...just read about it on Two Dresses Studio blog. What a great thing!

  4. I too struggle with a very active mind and not enough time in any day to finish a complete thought. I have slowly learned to keep moving...I am working on a large hand quilted work now and need to have it finished by 9/14/12. while I am working my mind races to one idea to another. I have to learn to trust my heart's journey. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. That is wonderful! I wish I could use both hands equally, but nope.

  6. She came out so well! Love the video. I am having a visit with my muse at the moment as well, and I almost don't want to sleep, I have so many things I want to do! :)

  7. I'm the same way! I have trouble focusing on what needs to be done though! Lovely little drawing!

  8. Very nice. I enjoyed watching.


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