February 10, 2010

It never rains in California....

But when it does, it pours right on my bed! :o( agh!
Actually wasn't sure how to title this posting. My options were:
1.-"I am sick as a dog with a stuffed up nose and wet teary eyes"
2.-"My roof leaked horrible right on my pillow, no it was not me drooling"
3.-"Soon we will have more babies in my home"

I'll spare you the details, but the short version is Scruffie is pregnant, due in about 2 weeks (yikes! what am I going to do??) At least she won't have to be alone in a cold parking lot now. :o/
My roof sprung a leak in the worst place, right on top of the bed which most likely is ruined. Well actually things could be worse if it was on top of the TV or something.
And I have a nasty cold which makes me a very unhappy camper. :oP

So now, for the fun part of the posting.... pictures!

Scruffie and Panzón having dinner together... wow!

My traveling doll. She is about 4 inches tall, about 8 if she was standing up. I'll post the story separately.

Now my dear friends, I bid you good bye. I have to blow my nose 300 more times.
See you soon! :O}


  1. I LOVE your traveling doll, Ayala! How big is she? Looks tiny! Your found dog is quite a lusty lady it sounds like! OMG puppies?! Can't even imagine that. Hope you get warm and dry!

  2. Thanks Cindy! I will include the size in the posting, she is about 4 inches, more or less.

  3. I hope your cold gets better. It's been raining over here in Modesto, but for now the sun is out, till it starts raining again. Wow! The scruffers is pregnant? What are you going to do? Ayeeeee! hehehe. Get better and give my regards to scruffy.

  4. LOL...doesn't sound like that much fun at your place. hehehe..Your travelling doll is awesome. And new babies...fun!!!

  5. I can't wait to get my hands on Luna!

  6. Wow she looks awesome, BTW gotta love a name like Panzone!!!!

  7. Fun to follow Scruffie and Panzone as they bond. I expect there will be some cuteness ahead for these two!
    Love coming by to see your work as well!


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